Coconut oil 1000ml
  • Coconut oil 1000ml
  • Coconut oil 1000ml
  • Coconut oil 1000ml
  • Coconut oil 1000ml
  • Coconut oil 1000ml

Organic coconut oil 1000ml, extra virgin, cold pressed, not processed, 100% pure, bio, premium

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arnetica is the choice for premium coconut oil.

Highest quality standards for a healthy diet.

At arnetica you buy 100% pure, natural, organic, cold pressed coconut oil without additives and without any further processing. Experience for yourself the delicate, fresh, yet discreet coconut flavour of our coconut oil.

  • Extra virgin quality. This means it is not treated, not processed (e.g. not bleached, not deodorized, not fractionated, not refined), and it has a very small content of free fatty acids, which is an important indicator for high quality vegetable oil.
  • Cold pressed for ideal protection of all nutrients
  • 100% organic certified in line with european union regulations
  • Pure coconut oil from the sunny Philippines
  • Not genetically modified
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal
  • Glass packaging for optimal protection
  • No-break warranty. Free replacement or money back in case of broken jar during delivery. No discussion. (Almost all jars arrive in one piece anyway, our packaging is good!)

About arnetica quality

Our coconut oil is a natural product without further processing and without any additives. Nothing but pure coconut gets into our jars. Our natural coconut oil has a delicate, fresh coconutty scent, and at room temperature of about 20 °C it comes as a solid mass with snow-white color and iridescent texture. Beyond 24 °C, the oil becomes liquid. This behavior is normal and a quality feature for virgin coconut oil!

arnetica Premium coconut oil extra virgin is not deodorized, not bleached, not fractionated, not refined, not processed or treated in any other way. We offer 100% pure coconut oil without additives which is ecologically produced and certified organic all the way from the palm tree to the jar.

The actual coconut oil production consists of few steps which however require careful and knowledgeable operation. The nut is opened, the coconut meat is cleaned, shredded and dried. After that, the oil is gently pressed in a water cooled expeller press. The oil is filtered, filled into large containers and sealed. The entire process is completed within about 2 hours. This way, we can guarantee utmost freshness of our coconut oil. The containers are only opened again in Germany, where the oil is filled into the coconut oil jars which you can buy as a customer.

arnetica social and environmental standards

At arnetica, we are all about natural farming and production methods from the start. All coconut plantations approved for supplying our operations are inspected and controlled in line with the european union's regulations for organic faming, just like the oil mill, refilling- and trading operations. This way we are able to provide coconut oil which is certified organic for europe.

We also place an emphasis on ethically impeccable operations. The coconuts are harvested by trained adult men and supplied to the oil mill within 72 hours. The employees in all steps of the production process receive regular employment contracts, social security, wages which can meet at least the basic needs, safe and hygienic jobs.

Last not least, our customers may be worried about rainforest destruction. However coconut oil must not be confused with palm oil. Coconut oil is produced from coconuts, the fruit of the coconut palm or coconut tree (cocos nucifera), whereas palm oil is made from the fruits of the oil palm (elaesis guineensis) which is a completely different plant. Palm oil is used for industrial scale customers in the food and motor fuel industries, oil palm plantations are huge and in many areas rainforest is being removed to make space for more plantations, in order to meet the growing demand. Some people argue that palm oil is the more environmentally friendly oil because is has a higher oil yield for the same plantation surface. However this fact makes coconut unattractive to large scale consumption because it is more expensive to make. As a result, to the best of our knowledge, clearing rainforest is no issue connected to the production of our coconut oil.

How should coconut oil be stored?

In the kitchen cupboard!

Coconut oil is best kept at room temperature, not in the refrigerator. Why? Cooling is not necessary, since pure coconut oil can be kept at room temperature just as long as at refrigerated temperature. In the refrigerator however, condensation may occur inside the jar. Water is a great basis for the development of microbes, which reduces the oil's durability. For the same reason, use only clean cutlery to take the oil out of the jar. If no foreign matter gets into the oil jar, the coconut oil can be kept after opening as long as the unopened jar. This means, also the open jar of coconut oil can be used without problems for 2 years if you keep it clean!

Coconut oil is best kept dark, not in sunlight. Why? Sunlight favors the separation of fatty acids from the fat molecules (triglycerides). Free fatty acids are formed, which have an unpleasant smell and taste already in very low concentrations: They are responsible for the "rancid" flavor of spoiled fat.

How to use coconut oil? What are the benefits of coconut oil?

Coconut oil for a healthy nutrition

Coconut oil helps increase the "good cholesterol" levels in the blood (HDL, high density Liboprotein). HDL cholesterol is responsible for transporting cholesterol into the liver. Wikipedia: HDL

The use of coconut oil therefore helps to avoid accumulation of atherosclerosis within the walls of arteries, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Take note that this is true although coconut oil contains 94% saturated fatty acids! Many doctors still advise, without differentiation, against the consumption of saturated fatty acids, quite wrongly in the case of coconut oil. It is an outdated notion.

Coconut oil is converted particularly quickly into energy by the human body, and accumulates less in the tissue. Therefore, it is often used to achieve weight loss. It is important not to consume coconut oil on top of one's usual diet, but to replace other fats with coconut oil!

And the latter is easy to achieve. Almost all fats used in the kitchen can be replaced by coconut oil. Coconut oil is very heat resistant and can be used very well for cooking, frying and baking. It is also popular as a substitute for butter. However as a salad oil it can rarely be used, as it occurs mostly in its solid form when taken out of its usual tropic habitat.

Coconut oil for skin and hair care

Coconut oil contains many substances that keep the skin young and healthy. It is absorbed quickly by the skin, supports the healing process for superficial skin injuries and has a small natural sun protection factor.

Hair care with coconut oil is also recommended: After taking a shower, massage coconut oil into the tips of your hair and leaven them for 20 minutes before rinsing with a gentle shampoo. Your hair will be soft and shiny!

Coconut oil for pets

Coconut oil is good for pets: As care for your pet's fur, tick protection or an addition to pet food, many pets like coconut oil and thank you with their visibly good health!