arnetica Coconut Oil 1000ml         


We are sold out!

Thanks to all our customers for your trust. We were very happy to serve you.

We have been your supplier of high quality coconut oil since 2015. Unfortunately we did not achieve a high scale of sales. With the combination of high value products, expensive to purchase, and competitive sales prices, the business was not very profitable. We are proud of the high quality we have been offering. We will not be resupplying for the time being, and the product is now unavailable.

Again thanks for being our customer.

16.06.2020 / Thomas Focken


Responsible consumption with arnetica


Forest protection.Forest protection.

We are committed to the protection of rainforests. No rainforest has to give way for our coconut products. The coconut plantations in the Philippines are usually small and have been cultivated for many years. We do not accept the change of land use from forest to plantations. Not to be confused with oil palm plantations cultivated on large areas in monoculture.

Animal Protection.Animal protection.

There is no harvest by monkeys with arnetica. The coconuts for arnetica coconut oil are harvested by trained, adult men. These use long sticks with knives, and harvest the nuts in ideal maturity.


Workers in the production sites for arnetica coconut products receive sufficient wages and benefits to meet basic needs. There are also regular employment contracts, flexible working time models, safe and hygienic working conditions, complete ban on child labor or harassment in the workplace, and the possibility of collective wage negotiation.

Our partner companies in the Philippines who manufacture the products have committed themselves to comply with all these conditions. Our dealings with our business partners are best described as respectful, friendly, cooperative and honest. We pay list prices and refrain from renegotiations.